About us

The Tewkesbury Chamber of Commerce is the dynamic voice for businesses in Tewkesbury and the surrounding area.

We are an organisation dedicated to improving and promoting trade and commerce on a local level. We also take an active interest in all aspects of the general economic well-being of our community. 

Through our membership programme we provide businesses with information, support, advice and networking opportunities.

As a long established and well respected organisation, we ensure that our views are taken in to account during the decision-making processes of local government.


Message from Laurence Robertson - MP for Tewkesbury

“Tewkesbury is a wonderful, historic town with a beautiful Abbey, two rivers, some wonderful buildings and great people!

Its history is its bedrock, but, like all town centres these days, Tewkesbury has its modern-day challenges, all of which need addressing, though it’s noticeable how the town centre has improved over the last twelve months.

One of the organisations working to address the issues within the town is the Tewkesbury Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  It is important to bring people from diverse backgrounds together in order to secure the best possible trading and environmental conditions for the people of Tewkesbury and I welcome the role the Chamber plays in this respect.

The organisation has a voluntary but committed membership and I endorse the Chamber's plans to expand its activities to ensure that all businesses - large and small, have the opportunity of being represented.

I thank the Tewkesbury Chamber of Commerce for the work it does, and I wish it well for the future."